I just want to drop you note to tell you that Lissette did a fantastic job looking after Zenith while we were away. I was very upfront with Lissette about Zenith's health and I feel she went above and beyond for our little kitty. Here is a brief, incomplete list of how Lissette blew us away:

• She gave me updates by text at least every other day
• She cleaned up cat vomit at least twice
• She changed the litter boxes
• I know Zenith gave Lissette trouble with the medication. She obviously cleaned Zenith up when she was difficult before the liquid medicine could dry in her fur and makes it hard (as evidenced by the fact that Zenith's fur was in great shape when we got home).
• She cleaned up mucus from her nostrils to ensure Zenith could breathe
• She voluntarily came twice on Friday 8/01. The first time she came, Zenith was hiding under the bed. Lissette choose to come back later in the day to check on her was able to give her meds at that visit. I did not know about this until it was all over.

It is a hard truth to confront, but Zenith is about to pass away. She has maybe only a few weeks left. I am so grateful to Lissette for treating Zenith with kindness and being patient with her. This vacation was planned long before we knew Zenith was ill and it was hard to leave Zenith and continue with our plans. Thanks to Lissette and South Loop Pet Care, I was able to relax a little. My husband and I are very grateful. Thank you.

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