Shirley Lieb

Debra is one of the best dog walkers that I have met in the South Loop. Because of her upbeat personality and responsible demeanor. I hired her to walk my dog last fall while I was recovering from knee surgery. During thoses six weeks, Debra always arrived promptly for the twice daily walks. On the couple of occasions she was running late, she called me and she was never more than 15 minutes late. She saw to it that my dog had a great time outside. I preferred for my dog to play in the dog park across the street and I always got the full report of who my dog played with and how she reacted. When it was time for my monthly statement, I received a detailed bill in a timely manner. Everything about Debra, from her business sense to her professionalism has impressed me and I can see why her business is very successful and why she is very well thought of by her human and doggie clients. Six years later: Debra Fletcher of South Loop Pet Care has been walking my dog for as long as she has had her business. About five and a three quarter years. I find Debra to be extremely responsible, cautious with the dogs, honest, personable and loving to the animals. My dog Liberty has had several of the other walkers employed by South Loop Pet care walk her too. They are equally dependable. When I see what goes on with some other dog walkers in the area, I am very grateful that I chose such a good company for my dog. Liberty loves Miss Debra and looks for her all the time when we are out for walks. You can't beat South Loop Pet Care. Shirley on Prairie 


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